How Can You Help?

  • Donation of Goods – We need all the basic necessities a baby requires. Pick up a few items for our moms when you are getting things for your home. Or, collect items at your office or church, or with any community group, and drop them off at our office any day of the week, between 9am and 3pm (call first before drop off.)  *Number 5 and 6 diapers and onsies are a HOT commodity!
  • Kroger Rewards Card or Amazon Rewards – Both companies give back a portion of their sales to a nonprofit organization of your choice at no cost to you! Click on the particular rewards for step by step instructions on how to proceed.
  • Become a Volunteer – Healthy Moms & Babes has several volunteer opportunities within the organization such as going out into the neighborhoods on the van doing outreach, office help, event planning and so on. Reach out today for more information.

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