Home Visiting Services

Confidential home-based education and support at no cost to you.

Help Me Grow Program

Help Me Grow (HMG) is an evidence-based program that promotes healthy growth and development for babies and young children. Our staff take a compassionate approach to empower mothers or new parents with the skills, tools, and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of their children.

Moms & Babies First Program

Ohio’s Moms and Babies First (MBF) program is culturally specific for expectant African American mothers. Recent data from the CDC shows that the infant mortality rate for African American babies is nearly three times the rate for white babies. The goal of this program is to provide family-centered support and eliminate health and racial disparities through risk assessment. Our staff assist clients with accessing support services and education.

Services offered by home visitors include: 

• Home education and support during pregnancy, as well as through the child’s first 2-3 years of life

• Assistance in obtaining medical care and medical insurance

• Assistance with social services, mental health services, mentoring and support

• Developmental screenings and fun learning activities

• Transportation assistance for doctor and social service appointments

• Support in achieving goals toward self-sufficiency, such as finishing high school and employment

Home Visiting Services are available to all pregnant women and first time parents with a child up to age 6 months. Other criteria may apply. The foundation for our services is based on a relationship of mutual trust and support. Home Visits are offered throughout Hamilton County.

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