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Sometimes our work helps the whole family…



Sometimes our work helps more than the pregnant women that visit our van in the community. This is just an example of how we help the ENTIRE family!


CB is a 52 female and a van regular in Camp Washington.  She comes for blood pressure checks and sometimes blood glucose.  Her blood pressure sometimes would be a little on the high side and she was encouraged to see her caregiver for follow-up.  It was explained to her that this was not something she wanted to get out of hand. Her blood pressure reading on 5/17/16 was 176/114.  That day the van staff emphasized to her the importance of being seen ASAP.  We had two family nurse practitioners (FNP) students with us and they helped to convince her the need to go for care.


On 6/28/16, we returned to Camp Washington and she came to the van.  Her blood pressure reading was 129/78.  She reported that she went to Good Samaritan Hospital’s ER and by the time she got there, her pressure was even higher.  They treated her to make sure it came down, and after 7 hours she left with a prescription for medication.  She informed us that she is taking it, and she was educated on the importance of following the prescription directions and take it every day.  She left thanking us for helping her.  We told her we were proud of her for following through with our advice and recommendations.


This grandmother may not be here had she not taken time to visit our van to ask for advice.


Story provided by our Van Manager Veree Russell, LPN

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