Braisa is a 36-year-old mom with two very handsome sons,  Legend at 5 years old and Knowledge at 11 months old. Braisa came us because she was a high-risk pregnancy with no support system/family in Cincinnati; she had preeclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by the onset of high blood pressure and often a significant amount of protein in the urine. She was assigned to Healthy Moms & Babes Certified Community Health Worker Sharon as she was ending her first trimester.  Braisa was very willing to learn as much as she could about pregnancy and all it ups and downs with this condition that she did not have in her first pregnancy. Braisa held a job as a home health aide until the last month of pregnancy due to high blood pressure issues. The baby (Knowledge) was born early at 37 weeks but due to constant monitoring of the baby and his progress by going to all those appointments, he was born at a healthy weight. HMB and Sharon were happy she never missed any prenatal appointments, went to all her children’s appointments, completed her postpartum care all while working and making time for our education sessions as well as baby visits.  Things were not always easy for her being a single, working parent, but she never let anything get her down.  She rose above these adversities and continued striving to be better for herself and her children.  She had planned on returning to school but unfortunately decided it would probably be in her best interest to go back home to Georgia for much-needed support from her family. Healthy Moms & Babes will miss her and the children dearly but we wish her well on her journey back to her home state. She is an inspiration for our other moms that barriers can be overcome. 


Braisa’s words – “Ms. Sharon was a great worker for my children and she was full of information and resources. She was very helpful, and kind, and real, and down to earth who has become a family member to me and mine. We love her like an aunty. She will be missed but will go on to help others.”

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