In an effort to start planning for Healthy Moms & Babes 30th Anniversary Party, we’re looking for volunteers for our planning committee.


We’re aware that our clients face challenges every day which most of us take for granted, and it’s tough being alone with no support. These challenges are real, and can be managed with advocates from Healthy Moms & Babes . If our programs don’t succeed, then our moms don’t succeed either. It’s that simple.


It’s with this in mind we are asking for anyone interested in joining the planning committee to be involved in making a difference in the community while having some fun. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 3rd at the Healthy Moms & Babes Offices (2270 Banning Road, Cincinnati, OH 45239) at 6pm.


PLEASE RSVP to Theresa Diersen at tdiersen@healthymomsandbabes.org or 513.591.5600 extension 32.

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